Six sparkling pewter gift ideas for Christmas

Posted December 6, 2016 . Products

star-2Do you hear what I hear? It’s the sound of pewter Christmas bells and laughter as the good folk of Sheffield and far beyond discover an emporium of wonderful Wentworth Pewter gifts for loved ones this Christmas. With the festive season almost upon us, we’ve got some glittering and glorious ideas for giving your someone special a unique gift, handmade in Sheffield.

  1. A lush, leather and pewter hip flask is ideal for winter walks. These beauties come in five autumnal colours from racing green to a festive red. We’ve made them in collaboration with the fabulous Hayley Hanson, the UK’s only female tanner to do the whole process herself.
Coloured leather pewter flasks

6oz leather & pewter flasks










2. Our medieval pewter goblet is the ultimate drinking vessel for any Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings fan. From mulled wine to mead, your Christmas tipple never tastes so good as when it’s supped from a pewter goblet that’s been made in Sheffield or even Kings Landing…

Medieval pewter goblet

Medieval pewter goblet





Yorkshire pewter tankard





3. The Yorkshire Rose pewter tankard is perfect for those wanting to celebrate Christmas with a real ale or two. Yorkshire Rose is an exclusive collection commissioned by The Famous Sheffield Shop for the Galvanize Sheffield festival of metalwork. The heraldic emblem dates back to the 14th century but we’ve brought it up to date with our stylised, 21st century interpretation of this famous Yorkshire symbol.

Pewter tankard

Yorkshire Rose tankard










4. The Yorkshire Rose pewter candle votive will add a warm Yorkshire glow to the festive season. So brighten someone’s Christmas day with a gift that’s been lovingly handmade, one piece at a time in Sheffield.

Yorkshire Rose pewter candle votive

Yorkshire Rose pewter candle votive










5. Our Butterfly pewter trinket box is an adorable stocking filler designed to make any little girl’s heart flutter. Perfect for storing jewellery and other tiny treasures, Butterfly is just one of a range of mini trinket boxes.

Small pewter trinket box

Pewter trinket box from the Butterfly collection









6. Our large pewter quaich is ideal for the discerning whisky drinker who wants to share a wee dram among friends. Scotland’s treasured cup of friendship has been used through the centuries to offer a welcoming drink to visitors at gatherings and special occasions. The distinctive two-handed design reflects trust on the part of both giver and receiver. Bonnie Prince Charlie and Sir Walter Scott are just some of the renowned figures that have counted a quaich amongst their prized possessions.

Large pewter quaich

Large pewter quaich